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Self-publishing has changed the publishing world, with lots of new authors – and many without publishers. Even if they master the technical side (and that can be complex and demanding for the POD printers), making a good profit can be tricky on a 350 page novel. Here are some hints on improving the profits. Surely, self publishing is very profitable? No, not always. Why so?

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If you are a horror writer, it shouldn’t be difficult to come up with a likely set of solid keywords to build your website around. Every time you visit you might find yourself overwhelmed by editorial services information. If you are a multi-genre writer or offer an overwhelming number of copywriting, ghostwriting or editorial services, it might be more difficult to target your audience and find the right search terms to optimize your site.

Wait until you have at least ten articles on your blog before you start promoting it. You can promote your blog in any way which appeals to you – in your email and forum signatures, by writing articles, and by writing news releases.

You have to be bold to make that kind of phone call. After all, you’re infringing on somebody else who might rightly perceive you as a competitor. I don’t necessarily recommend that other folks who might be considering freelance writing call me up or contact other writers they know.

I use Createspace, an Amazon publishing arm, but there are others that offer similar services; Bookstand Publishing, IUniverse, Lulu, etc. They all provide a menu of service allowing you to pick and choose that which is right for you.

The English court left London and lived in country houses part of the year. I think the mingling with nature, hounds and foxes, kept it more innocent for a time………

Few days look the same. Right now I’m nine days away from the Love’s Rescue book launch, so I’m putting together historical whilst your and your own scholastic being successful will arrive soon displays and family costumes since the event is Travel Back to 19th Century America-Civil War and Western exhibits and dress related to the book along with the book signing. I’m also doing interviews, advertising, working with promoters, editing, homeschooling three teens, designing a banner, organizing the folks at church helping me with the displays and book launch, and trying to figure out how to keep the ground squirrels out of my bird feeders.

Koen: I really really like it. It’s about four months in the life of a young Louis XIV, months in which he had to decide if he would take on the most powerful man in France and months in which he fell in love….all of this based on actual history. And then, I threw in a boy in an iron mask and that became one of the forward thrusts of the novel. Always so fascinating as a writer, to look back and see what makes your book go. I found Louis at this age fascinating, a true hero.

Koen: Barbara has a goodness that shines in “Through A Glass Darkly”. I love that in her. I loved the way the Duchess/Alice as her grandmother loved her. What girl couldn’t bloom in that? And young Alice, well, Alice’s hard-headed feistiness I love. I guess I love each of them dearly for different things. But right now, Alice (and Richard) have my imagination more sparked than Barbara. I do plan to return to Barbara.

Consider the underrepresentation in congress thirteen percent of all americans are african american, but only 43 african americans hold seats in congress, just eightpercent


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